Left to Right: Bret Hart, Marion Ross, Lou LaBonte, Sheriff's Captain Ed Presley,
Reserve Captain Roy Allen, George Vose and Reserve Lt. Frank Law
The Beginning....

This was really not the beginning of the Placer County Communications Reserve because these first pioneers had been active in supporting various activities within the county since about 1956. They had provided communications for the Auburn parades, Auburn Fair, Tevis Cup and a few other events in Placer County.

Their communications capability was entirely based on their use of radio frequencies in the Citizen Band. After working together for approximately five years they decided to become an organized as a working group that could provide volunteer emergency communications to Placer County and Civil Defense.

The origination of an organized group was first conceived by an Amateur Radio buff whose name was Buzz LaBonte, K6KDU. They were able to schedule a meeting with Placer County's Sheriff Scott on June 30th, 1961, officially their first meeting. The group emerged from that meeting officially as EMER (Emergency Mobile Eleven Meter Radio) under the auspices of the Placer County Office of Civil Defense.

By March of 1962 the Sheriff had decided that these volunteers would become sworn reserve deputies and would work closely with the Sheriff's Mounted Posse. He renamed the group Placer County Sheriff's Communications Reserve. Their first official joint exercise took place on July 25th, 1962.