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Connectivity and the Internet

The Communications Truck is equipped to provide internet connectivity as well as secure connections to the PCSO CAD system. The truck is equipped with a MotoSat satellite system that deploys and locks onto the satellite with the push of a button. This system provides internet connectivity for computers and the Voice Over IP telephone system. The satellite system feeds a WAN port on a dual WAN Cisco router. The 2nd WAN port is fed by the cellular telephone system allowing 3G bandwidth in an urban environment. The router provided programmable routing as well as firewall functionality. The Vega VOIP dispatch system, mapping system, workstation computers and VOIP telephone are all connected to the network through the router. A local wireless hot-spot is created using Ubiquiti equipment.

The truck is equipped with cellular telephones on both Verizon and AT&T networks. In addtion to the cell phones and the VOIP internet phone there is a portable satellite phone.