Tevis Cup 100 Mile Horse Ride

It was sometime in the late 1950's that some radio enthusiest volunteered to provide communication for the annual Tevis Cup 100 mile horse ride. The first ride took place in 1955 and has been an annual event since then. The course is 100 miles long originating near Squaw Valley, at about 6,200 foot elevation. From Squaw Valley the riders climb to Emigrant Pass at an elevation 8,774 feet. From there the trail decends and climbs numerous times until terminating at the Auburn Fairgrounds.

These radio volunteers would go on to organize what would become the Placer County Sheriff's Communications Reserve in 1961. The orginization would provide communications support to the Tevis until about 1996 when the local Ham radio club took over. Currently the commuications unit makes available our Amateur Radio repeaters for the ride.